Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Treasure Box

The waterfalls of tears flood down everyone's faces as they leave everything they've ever worked for. The color of the burning fire wood assault my nose because of the rancid smell. A cloud of smoke hovering above our village as the library crumbles down and shredded pieces of paper float across our hopeless village give me chills as it trembles down my spine. My heart shatters as my home slowly fades away in the distance.

My legs have officially fallen weak. We have reached a new town. The people seemed nice and welcoming… A little too welcoming. There's a bad feeling in my gut telling me to find another town. But where else could i go for the night? There were no more inns available so a group piled up in a small old car park. It's like Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. The hard cold floor and an oversize coat was all I had for the night. Along with a wet damp haystack.

I opened my eyes in the morning as the golden sun glares onto them. The fresh air fills my lungs as I stand up to find my fellow villagers prepare breakfast on a flat piece of firewood. We gathered around the fire, seeking the warmth as we ate crackers, spam and raspberry jam. It was all we had. It reached noon, the day passed by slowly. We were too anxious about our village to do anything so we all just laid around in grief for our innocent fallen villagers who tried to protect our town. The people in this town are very friendly, but there is still a feeling in my gut. I have a feeling that this town isn't as friendly as it seems to be. But there is no choice. Where else could i go? I guess this is my life for now.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Antibiotic resistance occurring

This is a replica of a diagram we have seen in our journals showing us how antibiotic resistance occurs.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Treasure Box - Drama

This is a piece of writing that came from a book we study for drama. The book is called Treasure Book. This image is a piece of writing that I wrote relating to the book from my (a villagers) perspective. Keep posted for the end of this story.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Stalag Luft III

This is a recreated map of Stalag Luft III with labelled buildings. The lightly shaded strips of red indicate the escape route that the men actually took through the forest. This is a German prisoner of war camp for officer airmen.