Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The leap of faith! The scariest water slide in the world!

Leap of Faith, Bahamas

How tall is the Leap of Faith in the Bahamas?
The water slide is 60 feet in the air.

The leap of faith is the scariest Water Slide of the World, Leap Of Faith Atlantis in Bahamas. Leap of Faith at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, drops 60 feet from the top of a Mayan Temple and slides your body into a shark-filled lagoon. 

You should visit the Leap of Faith in the Bahamas because you get to see sharks & because your facing new experiences, Also , it looks so fun!

We are journeying towards the fullness of life in God's Kingdom!

Teaching in the name of Jesus Christ!

Teaching in the name of Jesus Christ
Learning Intention- 
Identify and explain some scripture reference which refer to the apostles teaching in the name of Jesus. to the apostles teaching.
Recognise that the apostles passed on the teaching of Jesus Christ so that others could come to know and believe in him. 
The acts of the apostles are the acts that the apostles do to show their teaching of Jesus. The acts of the apostles is a book in the new testament. The acts of the apostles the first followers of Jesus are on a great journey. But they are not on a vacation. Instead they are on a mission to accomplish to take the word of god and his actions that jesus has taught them out to the world to increase gods family. The acts of the apostles pick up where the gospels lead off. The apostles and other followers of Jesus gave up everything to follow Jesus. He touched their hearts and they changed their lives for him. As a first chapter of the acts of the apostles, Jesus tells them that he is going to be leaving and they have to take on what he has prepared them for. His first followers might felt abandoned them but jesus comforts them that the holy spirit will come to them and remain with them to guide them. 

What is the acts of apostles about?
The acts of the apostles are about the adventures the apostles had with Jesus when Jesus was preparing them.
What two important events happened at the beginning of the acts of the apostles?
The ascension of Jesus 
Which apostles featured in the actions and why?
Simon peter because it explains actions that he performed at different suburbs.
Which 'acts' does the book record?
The journey of Paul
As christians today looking back on this part of church's history - what do we see was really happening?
The acts of the apostles are when Jesus prepared them to carry on his mission while he watches over them in heaven.  Jesus doing all of this for us & our father so we can all build a relationship with God so we can all live in peace with not only our parents supporting us but Jesus & God watching over us from heaven. Jesus sacrificing his life & going through so much pain for us & our sins.  They were carrying on Jesus mission and building the church.

Q. What do the hebrew people do to identify their inner religion?
A. In Hebrew tradition, doing something in someojesmjakemkeajtntonidentify closely with that person.
Q. How did Jesus know that the apostles were ready?
A. When the apostles taught in Jesus name they understood themselves to be teaching in his place or speaking on his behalf.
Q. Where in the bible are the stories about the apostles teaching in Jesus name?
A. In the acts of the apostles.
Q. Why did the apostles teach in the name of Jesus?
A. To carry on Jesus mission to build more followers of God.