Monday, 16 September 2019

Monday, 9 September 2019

Kauri dieback produces 3 different types of spores!

This is a replica of a diagram we have seen in our journals showing us the cycle of a disease called Kauri Dieback

Meningococcal B can kill!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

You could die within a period of 24 hours if you aren't aware of this disease!

Meningococcal B Information Report
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Image result for meningococcal bIf you are in contact with saliva and aren't immunized with Bexsero you may contract a disease that will kill you within a period of 24 hours. By continuously sharing drinks you may digest a disease that may cause your limbs to get amputated. Without your awareness you may be infected with this disease, read this information report if you would like to expand your lifespan and help you prevent this disease.

Meningococcal B is the disease. It is an uncommon but very serious infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria. A person with meningococcal disease can develop inflammation of the membrane around the brain, septicaemia or pneumonia. It strikes and progresses quickly usually without warning.

The symptoms usually start out with a high temperature and a stiff neck. The patient may not like bright lights and will start vomiting. They will feel sleepy and sometimes see red or purple spots or bruises on the skin. There are additional symptoms in babies including cold hands and feet or shivering. They may be floppy or harder to awaken. They could refuse to eat and start crying unusually. There are additional symptoms for adults and older children like headaches and confusion to learning. The patient may have aching muscles and have pain in their joints.

Certain people are at increased risk for meningococcal. Babies and children under 5 are at most risk of getting meningococcal B compared to people in other age groups. But people of any age can develop this disease.

The bacteria that causes meningococcal disease live within the nose and throat. They can be spread through everyday behaviours including coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and sharing drinks or eating utensils which passes on your saliva. Living in close quarters give the bacteria a chance to move from one place to another. For example, keeping your toothbrush in one small cup gives the bacteria an advantage to move from one brush to the other. Keeping your toothbrushes separated gives the bacteria a disadvantage to jump from one to another because of distance. Kissing! I bet your behind the screen saying "ew!" and showing your friends but doing this action (kissing) can also spread the bacteria from the back of your throat through this motion.

Bexsero is a vaccine that can help protect against meningococcal B. Bexsero is given by injection and the number of doses needed depends on the age of the person being vaccinated. Bexsero is not currently included on the New Zealand National Immunisation Schedule, so to get immunised you may need to suffer a few financial expenses.

Friday, 30 August 2019

Sacred space 2019

Kia Ora, Malo E Lelei, Kumusta, Bula, Talofa and greetings to you all. A photo down below is our new sacred garden, sitting in between our senior playground and our bottom court. Our sacred garden has 3 stones. Sitting in the middle is a stone with a golden plaque and a picture of a Koru and a Dove. The koru represents growth and new life. The dove represents the spirit of God. The 3 Koru is the trinity representing the relationship of God with Spirit and Christ. On each side are stones. One stone has our school logo and the other with the cross of the Mission Sisters. This area was presented to the staff and students of Saint Patrick school to commemorate the founding of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions 150 years ago. We are all blessed to have this new space where we can reflect and pray to God.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Time to say goodbye ...

As we laid on the cold hard floor, dads body heat warmed up my palm. I am worried about dad, I don't want to lose him. A wind of dust brush past us as I cuddle up on dad's side. It feels as if my soul has left my body. The room feels gloomy. My heart is slowly breaking. I'm feeling emotionally melancholy watching my father fall deeply into a place where I wont be able to see him, ever again.

As the sun rose my spirit settled. I fell onto my knees looking down onto my father's grave.  Waterfalls of tears stream down my puffy cheek and landed on my hand as a group of men continuously bury my father. I place my palm over my heart. I feel dejected as my heart shatters and my dad is finally at serenity.

My fingers are cold and swollen, hugging the treasure box and never giving up my grip. I slowly trudge elsewhere. I stroll away knowing that even though my father isn't physically present, he will always be with me in my heart. Now i will keep his spirit alive and make my family proud.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

I cant take it anymore..

The waterfalls of tears flood down everyone's faces as they leave everything they've ever worked for. The color of the burning fire wood assault my nose because of the rancid smell. A cloud of smoke hovering above our village as the library crumbles down and shredded pieces of paper float across our hopeless village give me chills as it trembles down my spine. My heart shatters as my home slowly fades away in the distance.

My legs have officially fallen weak. We have reached a new town. The people seemed nice and welcoming… A little too welcoming. There's a bad feeling in my gut telling me to find another town. But where else could i go for the night? There were no more inns available so a group piled up in a small old car park. It's like Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. The hard cold floor and an oversize coat was all I had for the night. Along with a wet damp haystack.

I opened my eyes in the morning as the golden sun glares onto them. The fresh air fills my lungs as I stand up to find my fellow villagers prepare breakfast on a flat piece of firewood. We gathered around the fire, seeking the warmth as we ate crackers, spam and raspberry jam. It was all we had. It reached noon, the day passed by slowly. We were too anxious about our village to do anything so we all just laid around in grief for our innocent fallen villagers who tried to protect our town. The people in this town are very friendly, but there is still a feeling in my gut. I have a feeling that this town isn't as friendly as it seems to be. But there is no choice. Where else could i go? I guess this is my life for now.